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Home page for TSP International, maker of the econometrics package TSP


What’s new at TSP – last updated 8 Dec 2016

(12/08/16) We verified that TSP 5.1 and OxMetrics 6 install and run fine on Windows 10 (64 bit).

(5/09/14) We updated all the Windows versions and installers for a few minor bugfixes and some minor new features:

  • WRITE(FILE='file.csv') now writes .CSV files, with variable names in the first row. This avoids the old Excel row limit (65,536) when writing .XLS files and may also be useful for importing into Stata or a database (or to recent versions of Excel which avoid the row limitation by storing .xlsx or .xlsb).
  • READ(FILE='file.dta') now handles Stata 13 .dta files, including strL variables.
  • READ(FILE='file.sas7bdat') now handles SAS .sas7bdat files with COMPRESS=CHAR and/or files created on both Windows and 64-bit unix systems (Intel and non-Intel).
  • SORT(ALL) KEY1 KEY2 ... ; multple sort keys
  • LAD(MAXIT=limit) controls the number of iterations for BRCENS estimation (default 500).
  • The standard Windows 64-bit MP TSP.EXE no longer uses separate DLL files. Everything is in the .EXE, which makes it easier to install and use.


  • We revised the TSP 5.1 Reference Manual slightly, to include the LP command, and restored headers to the top of each page with the command name, so it is easier to find the command you are looking for.
  • We survived a difficult year, where we were unable to ship complete orders for most of the year, due to unavailability of the OxMetrics manuals. We eventually solved this by printing them ourselves.
  • Our founder and business partner, Bronwyn Hall, retired from the business. Observably, this meant the website was not being updated, although there was actually no news in terms of released new features to report.


  • We updated the Demo version to distribute it in .ZIP format, because the old .EXE format did not uncompress the files on Windows x64 systems (it was a 16 bit .EXE).
  • We also increased the space for long names in the OxMetrics version - there is now space for 200,000 16-byte names (vs. 5,000 in the past).
  • The latest update also reads string variables from Stata .dta and SAS .sas7bdat files. It automatically recodes them to numeric variables. More string capabilities are under development.
  • P.S. TSP and OxMetrics should run fine on Windows 8, because Windows 8 supports programs which run on Windows 7. TSP won't run on Windows RT, which is for non-Intel tablets.

    (3/7/12) Windows TSP updated to include native Intel 32-bit and 64-bit MP command prompt versions. MP supports multiple processors, in a few commands: ML, PROBIT, MVPROB, LAD(METHOD=FN). It uses gfortran and OpenMP. The 64-bit version supports up to 8gb of memory, and both MP versions read files larger than 2gb. These features will be in the OxMetrics interface version at some point.
    Other minor new features:

    • weighted ML estimation (ML, PROBIT, LOGIT, TOBIT, INTERVAL)
    • FORCST after LOGIT makes fitted probabilities
    • MVPROB does bivariate probit (will extend to 3+ equations later)
    • RECODE command recodes with a table or bounds
    • CONVERT works with panel data to compute one value (such as SUM or AVERAGE) for an individual and then replicate it across all observations for that individual.

    (3/3/12) Mac TSP updated to include native Intel 32-bit MP Terminal version. This runs on MacOS 10.6 and higher, which requires native Intel code. Still working on making a full app interface Intel version, to run with OxMetrics on the Mac.

    (12/27/11) TSP International will NOT be at the ASSA meetings in Chicago. This was decided months ago; it costs a fair amount of time and money, that we felt would be better spent doing development. Clint did attend all the meetings from 2000-2011 except for the infamous time in 2005 when he booked a flight from using the SJC airport code to Philadelphia, but found out at the San Jose California airport that SJC is San Jose, Costa Rica! :-) We have a few features under development to finish, and are also (finally) working on native Intel Mac versions.
    If you have new TSP features to request, questions, or want to say hi, please send email! ( support@tspintl.com is the most direct)

    (8/27/11) Extra copies of our TSP Reference Manual are now available from a print-on-demand publisher here. The User’s Guide will be available in the near future.

    (4/6/11) Reminder -- please use the following email addresses to contact us:

    info at tspintl.com – general inquiries, including pricing queries, and placing orders

    support at tspintl.com – bug reports and technical queries, with as much information as you can provide (including a copy of the tsp run that is causing problems).

    And do keep in mind that although messages on our phone are monitored by us, we are often not available to answer the phone immediately, so it is better to use email to contact us.

    (3/31/11) We are updating our newsletter mailing list. If you want to subscribe and have not yet heard from us, you can opt-in to the mailing list here.

    (3/29/11) Many of our users may be unaware that there are a large number of examples of using TSP on this website (over 400, plus additional examples for the Pindyck and Rubinfeld handbook and numerous accuracy benchmarks). These examples have been recently reorganized and the internal documentation improved, in hopes that more users will be able to make use of them. They cover a range of problems from simple examples of using TSP to complex models for maximum likelihood estimation when the model in question has not been “hard-coded” in TSP. They have also been grouped under the following headings: Benchmarks, linear, matrices, miscellaneous, ML+QDV, nonlinear, panel data, Pindyck & Rubinfeld, robust, statistical testing, time series, univariate, and a special advanced section where Clint puts his latest creations. See this page for a complete listing by type of example.

    (2/28/11) Announcing the release of TSP 5.1 for computers running Linux. The single user academic price is $600, see the order page for more information about how to order this version.

    (2/25/11) DOWNTIME: Our fax machine was offline for two weeks in January and early February. If you submitted an order during that period and have not heard from us, please get in touch at info@tspintl.com and/or resubmit the order.

    (1/20/11) A list of updates and enhancements to TSP 5.1 since its initial release has been added to the support section.

    (12/18/10) TSP International will be at the ASSA meetings in Denver, January 6-9 2011. We are sharing a booth with Timberlake Consulting – both Clint and Bronwyn will be there at various times. Come visit us and learn what’s new in TSP 5.1 and what is planned for the future.

    (12/1/10) We are developing a new mailing list for the newsletter. Send an email to news at tspintl.com if you would like to be added to it.

    (9/1/10) In an effort to improve our email responsiveness (we apologize for the many delays some of you have experienced), we have changed some email addresses. Please use the following addresses to contact us:

    info at tspintl.com – general inquiries, including pricing queries, and placing orders

    support at tspintl.com – bug reports and technical queries. We try to answer all of these, but keep in mind that we are not an econometric programming service, so we do not always have time to design estimation strategies and write your programs for you. We are happy to direct you to key references in the literature, however.

    (7/28/10) Announcing the release of TSP 5.1 for the MAC. Runs on most operating systems, including Snow Leopard (with a compatibility package loaded). The single user academic price is $500, see the order page for more information about how to order this version.

    (3/4/10) Want to order or upgrade to TSP 5.1? Here is the ordering information and here is a summary price list.

    For more news items, see our news archive. 

    What's available on our site:

    1. What is TSP?
    2. What is Student TSP?
    3. What is the difference between EViews (MicroTSP) and TSP?
    4. A basic example of TSP
    5. A list of TSP features
    6. List of TSP commands
    7. An example of TSP graphics
    8. TSP examples (from the examples disk)
    9. TSP performance on standard benchmarks
    10. List of latest TSP features
    11. What computers does TSP run on?
    12. TSP price list
    13. How to order TSP
    14. Technical support area for TSP
    15. TSP contact info
    16. TSP staff


    If you have any questions or comments about TSP please send an email to info@tspintl.com.

    Comments or questions about this website should be sent to news@tspintl.com.